Mar 16, 2022

DW8 Project One Update

DW8 CEO Dean Taylor provides an update on Project One, an overarching company-wide strategic initiative that embraces and embodies the four pillars of our customer value proposition: connect, simplify, deliver and support.

In summary, it is all about unifying our four existing businesses under a single brand umbrella, Kaddy, simplifying the way that we operate and presenting ourselves to the industry as a one-stop solution.

Project One takes advantage of latent synergies available by integrating several strategic acquisitions DW8 has made in the last two years including:

·       Wine Delivery Australia

·       Parton Wine Distribution

·       Kaddy

Bringing these businesses to ether into a single, brand-led, end-to-end solution compounds the value of the synergies and brand awareness while enhancing the customer value proposition and providing step changes in capability across the entire platform.